mooigraph is een gebruiker op Je kunt deze volgen of interactie mee hebben als je ergens in deze Fediverse een account hebt. Als je dat niet hebt, kun je je hier aanmelden.

android the most used computing platform for consumers,

what a smart way to train email spam filters at

Q: But my desktop works just fine. I don't want to use this.

A: That's fine. Keep using what you are using today, and pretend this doesn't exist.

made my first update to run mooigraph with #gtk 4.0 gui toolkit

what happens when size of hashtable in c is too small

my web browser in a single page of c source using gtk+ libs is indeed usable thanks to gtk+ design

now slackware linux is online but has been offline because datacenter was hit by a hurrycane

How python looks as a graph of the internal memory state land ayout done with GPL mooigraph

how GNU GCC compiler looks when represented by a graph of the memory status

de koning kost blijkbaar 435 euro per uur Gneural Network is the GNU package which implements a programmable neural network in fast c and #GNU #GPL libre

software for non-profits and nice ideas

mooigraph can handle memory #graph data about memory usage when dot fails

difficult to learn #python when there is only undocumented python source

plain c is mostly energy saving compared to many computer languages in a science paper

@gimp cannot handle a 45Mb svg file but firefox and inkscape can