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Woohoo, we've sold 1000 rockets! You guys are awesome, thanks to everybody who joined in! blender.org/2-8/quest/ #b3d #codequest

Just filed my first Discourse bug report, about the mixup between "frequency" and "period": meta.discourse.org/t/confusion

Announcing the Blender 2.8 Code Quest: get the core Blender developers together in Amsterdam to finish Blender 2.8!

Support us today: blender.org/2-8/quest/

#b3d #codequest

@pstuifzand ZSH + FZF changed my life! :)

Watch “Rainmakers”, a beautiful short documentary on a simple, practical way to change the climate. #justdiggit


Flamenco Manager 2.0.15 was just released, with a single tiny fix that allows you to run it from any directory. flamenco.io/download

#b3d #blender #cloud #flamenco #renderfarm

@mooigraph I've seen C code... A function that goto'ed into its caller's error handler label, but not before popping a hardcoded number of items off the stack.

I think that kind of goto is "special", and hardly comparable with other control flow statements.

@manujarvinen That is so AWESOME!!!!

dr. Sybren boostte

A new version of the Blender Cloud add-on was just released:

- Default to scene frame range when no frame range is given.
- Refuse to render on Flamenco before blend file is saved at least once.
- Fixed some Windows-specific issues.

Get it from cloud.blender.org/services

dr. Sybren boostte

We're looking for a Python/Web backend developer to work on the Blender Cloud!

Come join us in Amsterdam, details at jobs.blender.institute/junior-

#b3d #cloud #development

Benji (my DJI Spark) and Bara (my friend's DJI Mavic) went flying in Waterland #Amsterdam


#Netherlands #drones #benji #bara #spark #mavic #drone #dji

New version of Flamenco Manager & Worker has juis been released. Now Workers can auto-discover a Manager on your network!

Check flamenco.io/download/ to get the latest versions.

#b3d #flamenco #rendering #autodiscovery #ssdp

@lrshdl oh that looks like a nice lens indeed!

Stichting SPOTS is druk bezig nav het onzinnige besluit van Zuid Afrika om leeuwenbotten te exporteren. Hebben jullie onze petitie al getekend? change.org/p/south-african-gov

Take a look at @stichtingspots's Tweet: twitter.com/stichtingspots/sta

Nu in de aanbieding: een hoogpolig tapijt van 1.60 x 2.35 meter. link.marktplaats.nl/m117566698