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@manujarvinen That is so AWESOME!!!!

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A new version of the Blender Cloud add-on was just released:

- Default to scene frame range when no frame range is given.
- Refuse to render on Flamenco before blend file is saved at least once.
- Fixed some Windows-specific issues.

Get it from cloud.blender.org/services

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We're looking for a Python/Web backend developer to work on the Blender Cloud!

Come join us in Amsterdam, details at jobs.blender.institute/junior-

#b3d #cloud #development

Benji (my DJI Spark) and Bara (my friend's DJI Mavic) went flying in Waterland #Amsterdam


#Netherlands #drones #benji #bara #spark #mavic #drone #dji

New version of Flamenco Manager & Worker has juis been released. Now Workers can auto-discover a Manager on your network!

Check flamenco.io/download/ to get the latest versions.

#b3d #flamenco #rendering #autodiscovery #ssdp

@lrshdl oh that looks like a nice lens indeed!

Stichting SPOTS is druk bezig nav het onzinnige besluit van Zuid Afrika om leeuwenbotten te exporteren. Hebben jullie onze petitie al getekend? change.org/p/south-african-gov

Take a look at @stichtingspots's Tweet: twitter.com/stichtingspots/sta

Nu in de aanbieding: een hoogpolig tapijt van 1.60 x 2.35 meter. link.marktplaats.nl/m117566698

@monsterjavaguns I was reading up on opensource.com/article/17/2/py, good stuff. You do want to remove the catching of SyntaxError, though. That exception would indicate that there is an actual syntax error in your Python code -- that's not the kind of thing you want to handle as synonym for "this image is corrupt".

I've looked up the Pillow documentation, but they don't say which exceptions they use. Did you see them actually throw a SyntaxError?

We released Blender Cloud add-on 1.7.1. This version fixes an issue on Windows.

Download from cloud.blender.org/services#blender-addon

#b3d #cloud #addon

Yesterday I released Blender Cloud add-on version 1.7.1. It fixes a little issue on Windows, and (compared to our last public release 1.4) adds support for Flamenco (which is currently in closed beta).


@monsterjavaguns shame on the newphew! :P

Hope to see you next year then -- or some time in between, of course.

@monsterjavaguns So not even the BConf? 😔

Ik wil #Hemweg. Jij toch ook? Samen kunnen we het bod verhogen. Bied mee op wijwillenhemweg.nl/crowdfundin

Dear software developer. Please acknowledge the fact that IPv4 is old, and IPv6 is current. There are already places in the world where IPv4 isn't even available any more.

Write your software with IPv6 in mind, and add IPv4 support as an afterthought, instead of the other way around. Let's work towards the future, instead of ignoring it.

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Artists that say they're non-technical are propagating a falsehood that's a disservice to both their own work and the field that they work in.

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Klimaatwetenschappers ontkennen het bestaan van Donald Trump