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Dear software developer. Please acknowledge the fact that IPv4 is old, and IPv6 is current. There are already places in the world where IPv4 isn't even available any more.

Write your software with IPv6 in mind, and add IPv4 support as an afterthought, instead of the other way around. Let's work towards the future, instead of ignoring it.

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Artists that say they're non-technical are propagating a falsehood that's a disservice to both their own work and the field that they work in.

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Klimaatwetenschappers ontkennen het bestaan van Donald Trump

@monsterjavaguns no, not at all. It's hard for us to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. They seem to have gone through the effort of putting that word into every episode. #mahnamahna

Oude machthebbers willen hun macht terug: parodieën straks een zeldzaamheid op het internet. #copyright #bitsoffreedom


"Facebook is an attack on the open web." And therefore, our freedom to communicate and publish freely.


My article Torso Crowds will be published in the July 2017 issue of IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics! ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/Recent #research #tvcg #sciencebitches

@bkurdali I wonder how easy that is to integrate into an IDE, compared to compiling Blender as Python module and just being able to 'import bpy' in any regular Python prompt.

@bkurdali Hah, I literally never use it that way ;-)
Usually if I want to script I either do it inside of Blender (by writing an operator) or I pass some script to --python-expr.

@PeteMoss @Grumdormark @inre035 @MikeGastin @selenophilia Not just very interested in Blender, also working at the Blender Animation Studio :)

Playing at the Rolling Kitchens festival in Amsterdam. Photo by Andy Goralczyk.


@ChameleonScales Time to head to blender.cloud/! We have plenty of CC-0 textures and HDRis :)

Thanks to Nimble Collective and Tangent Animation supporting my position at the Blender Institute, I could improve Houdini-compatibility of Blender's #Alembic support: developer.blender.org/T51534 #b3d

Rest in peace, sir Roger Moore :'(

Agent 327: Operation Barbershop view count (after 1 week)

- Youtube: 273K
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- Vimeo: 83K

Grand total: 621K