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to "switch off" network? Most countries are moving to for core switching, not sure how accurate this article (FR) is as it suggests analogue circuit presentation disappears altogether (rather than being emulated in a street cabinet or CPE) which would cause havoc for endusers many of whom would need new IP based terminal equipment (and what about power cuts/access to 112 etc?)

New photo of our recent Blender Institute visitor from Khronos Group, Dominic: #photography #analogue #film #b3d #khronos

Lennox Bridge (Circa 1833) - the oldest extant bridge in mainland Australia.

Lots of good information about the bridge here:

B&W is from 2006 on Film:
Illford HP5+ ASA-400 developed in Rodinal 1+100 for ~18mins at ~20ºC

Colour is digital (Canon 1DX 17-40 at 17mm)

#photography #architecture #history #film #analogue