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Day 20. Not a speed sculpt this time around. Decided to put a few hours into this one. Still rough in spots, but I'm liking how it turned out.

@matteodem hey there & welcome!

@monsterjavaguns uses & can offer up some insights hopefully. Also, checking the hashtags can help you find others to reach out to w similar interests.

Blender's website & a bot here posts some great stuff too.

Day 14 of . You know you can sculpt and paint on objects in Blender as they move from animation, right?

This was a little experiment to treat Blender's sculpting like a rudimentary lathe. The result? A candlestick from hell.

Not all experiments are successful, it would seem. ;)

Flamenco Manager 2.0.15 was just released, with a single tiny fix that allows you to run it from any directory.

#b3d #blender #cloud #flamenco #renderfarm

Day 5. Quick little bit of nightmare fuel for yesterday's sculpt. Did it kind of rushed. Would be fun to revisit this and clean it up a bit.

Day 4. I'd never sculpted a cloud before (what with the ready availability of scripts and general volumetrics). Well... now I've sculpted clouds.

Still not sure whether this was a good expenditure of time. ;)

So starteth the

Bit of a cliche start, but I'm sure I'll make for more interesting subject matter by the end of the month.