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Est-il possible d'exporter une partie d'un monde pour l'importer dans ? Pour les fêtes, je souhaiterai faire un micro-film avec les enfants en reprenant leurs créations de . Peut-être @Framasoft ou @Sangokuss ont une idée ?

BOOP. Annoyingly I rendered every frame out to PNG instead of OpenEXR so I decided to just skip adding bloom to it. #blender

Oops, I spilled some very black coffee on the floor.. Not fully awake yet.

3.0 and models. Screenshots shamelessly taken from @fracteed@birdsite, check out his work!

@teslawf @Tom23 Est-ce que réellement est abordable pour commencer la modélisation 3d ? N'y a-t-il pas un logiciel plus abordable ?

Note que je n'ai jamais utilisé Blender, mais cela me semble une usine à gaz pour démarrer en modélisation...

My little website for developing and refining proposals for new features in Blender, Right-Click Select ( has gotten an upgrade and is now a part of the recently launched Blender.Community website. Woohoo!

okey, i closed like twenty of those windows now but on those here, no arrow shows up from hitting the corner. 😕

So, from first hand source, the #blender game engine will be rebuild for 2.8 from new base… need a bit more developper involvement but the general idea to have #b3d as a fully modular interactive system as a tool is fascinating!

Alright... I'll bite on this "let's play a game" bit that folks are doing (for newcomers... to help make connections).

Task: Name 5-7 things (as tags, so they're searchable) that interest you but aren't in your profile.

For me:

(the 3D software )

Then... boost this post or repeat its instructions and ask others to do it, too.

Whew... re-writing these copy/paste things can be taxing.

Having a productive day making sci-fi walls with 🙂

@monsterjavaguns I didn't know 3D art was possible in the real world. Thought it was just a thing.

[fr] Photo de fin d'une première semaine de pre-production incroyable avec le réalisateur Andy Goralczyk[1]. Il s'est déplacé en France sur Montauban pour qu'on puisse bosser ensemble. C'était génial!

[en] Ending photo after an amazing week of pre-production with the director Andy Goralczyk [1]. He came to France in my city Montauban so we could work together! It was great!



Day 24. Quick n' dirty dragon bust. Maybe there will be time this weekend to improve this one... or just redo it better.

Day 23. If you sculpt a pumpkin on Day 21, you better be willing to carve it later. This took longer to render than to sculpt.