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Hey Liberals,
there's a for you.

Could you please stop enabeling ? Thank you. 😜

(artist: @flugennock
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ExistentialComics writes:
– 'There has been a lot of confusion about the difference between fascists and anti-fascists, so I've made this handy chart...'

Religion for Punks
– More than a quarter of Americans believe in astrology. What gives?
by Phil McAndrew

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cartoon/satire, remember how altright is speaking against safe spaces, but when they protest being heavily protected by cops Toon meer

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An anti-socialist/anarchist #cartoon, warning people away from the β€œdangerous road of #anarchy.”

There are reasons why may have a bad image of anarchy. Those in power fear our freedom. So they spread fear about anarchy in order to hold on their power.

#anarchymonday #mondayanarchy

'Werner Hahmann (1883-1977) cover, ’Der β€žRote Heiland" (The Red Savior), β€œKladderadatsch”, #16, April 1920'

#image #propaganda

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#Hungary #EthicalHacking
The public transportation agency (BKK) of Budapest recently started a new electronic system for ticketing.

An 18 year old quickly discovered it was easily hack-able AND publicized it for all the world to learn. He thought he was doing a public service, and maybe get a little bit of fame.

So, in the middle of the night the Police grabbed him in his home and dragged him to the police station for interrogation.

#cartoon 'BKK: Damned Hackers!'