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Flamenco Manager 2.0.15 was just released, with a single tiny fix that allows you to run it from any directory.

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Labeling advantages like independence, (entrepreneurial) freedom, control, security, lower development costs, sustainability and many more as religion doesn't help to discuss Free Software in the cloud at all. #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #cloud

hubzilla as a federated forum for metatalks Toon meer

I might start using #hubzilla a bit more

hubzilla is a federated #cms (#wiki, #forum #webpage #cloud

But the best part is that it comes with #nomadicidentity
Which means you are not bond an instance
You can travel around instances and always take your friends and followers with you

By that no admin will have the power of breaking the connection between you and followers. All the power is in your hands

You can find me here:

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We're looking for a Python/Web backend developer to work on the Blender Cloud!

Come join us in Amsterdam, details at

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@petaramesh Nous avons un truc : , un freeware de GED léger. Tous les papiers y sont scannés et classés au fur et à mesure qu'ils arrivent (compris les livrets de familles, etc) et j'ai une copie numérique de toutes nos signatures, vaccins et autres bullshits. Un dossier complet est pour moi une affaire de minutes.
Devoir justifier que chaque pet envers la CAF ou le FISC m'a rendu très efficace!
Tout ça est synchronisé dans le et sur le NAS, bien sûr!

We released Blender Cloud add-on 1.7.1. This version fixes an issue on Windows.

Download from

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Anyone know of good refactoring strategies for CloudFormation templates using the include transform? I do have multiple nested stacks within the master template already and would like to better refactor the templates. One of my use cases is mappings since we do have multiple environments.

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Why demos work fine when you test, but fail during a live presentation to a high-level management team?
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@dajbelshaw Sorry for being a pain but I have to deal everyday with people that talk about #Cloud and #Digital without having a clue of what they are talking about and just end up outsourcing their IT.

Dilbert summarised what is going on as Cloud and Digital are interchangeable buzzwords with, for most, the same meaning.

BTW this seems a good start:

@dajbelshaw Not starting well. So it confirms that #TDC17 is an event made to promote the usual public #Cloud providers and not to promote UK #Digital innovation.

A friend of mine said that I had lot's of blinking lights in my room at night and she couldn't sleep because of that. I said that it's either the lights or upload my phones pictures to #dropbox and the #nsa.
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