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After updating to 1.6. rc3. I had to resubscribe to get their toots back in the global timeline. Same for other instances that are already upgraded.

Shouldn't this be automatic?

Anyone who can recommend a good intermediate level book for c++? I'm currently wondering about "Principles and Practice Using C++" by Bjarne Stroustrup. Any thoughts?

Vous voulez préparez un toot en avance ou juste en garder un de côté pour le finir plus tard ?

Cette fonctionnalités encore en développement va vous faciliter la vie, oui, je parle bien des brouillons qui feront leur apparition dans la prochaine version de !! 😍

petit teasing :
- un petit lifting sa vous dit ?
- vous aimez les tags ?
- vous en avez marre de recopier un toot non envoyé ?
- ah bon, on m'a répondu ?

je vous garde quelques surprise supplémentaire sous le coude 😘

Question du matin du gamin à son Père : "Dis papa, comment on fait pour programmer ?".

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I see to main themes/paths:

- personal freedom (everyone should be free to code what they like, especially if they share it with others)

- the social dynamics (it's about what sort of culture we like to live in. different ppl have different possibilities of shaping it. those having the most influence need to watch out what culture they are forming through their actions.)

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I've saw these discussions many time. And I think be need to becarefull about this .
There are different logicial paths, and we tent to stay often in our own path, which makes our arguments unvailid to the other path.
If we understand the value of each path, we can find a solution which is serving all.

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We're looking for a Python/Web backend developer to work on the Blender Cloud!

Come join us in Amsterdam, details at

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