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whistleblowers, including one whom I know, are at great risk from two directions
-Muslims who want revenge (also on family)

If it wasn't for truth-tellers we would not know just how f*ed up this program is. They risk their family's lives too (revenge).

now actively uses the vague/meaningless term "suspicious activity" to kill accounts. Same term used by assassination ops.

actually uses the term "suspicious activity" to demote/suspend/delete accounts. The term "suspicious activity" is used in strikes.

New Chinese military # completes trial flight (VIDEOS)

Benji (my DJI Spark) and Bara (my friend's DJI Mavic) went flying in Waterland #Amsterdam

#Netherlands #drones #benji #bara #spark #mavic #drone #dji

Shoot the MF out of the air!

*Facebook drone that could bring global internet access completes test flight*

"A solar-powered backed by that could one day provide worldwide access has completed a test flight in Arizona, after an earlier attempt ended with a crash landing."

US deploys Global Hawk high-altitude # to Japanese air base ‘to monitor N. Korea’

"explains who the actual victims of drone strikes are." mostly not terrorists. #drone strikes create terrorism.