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everyone is except those who aren't gay at the moment.

everyone is -sexual except those who aren't trans-sexual at the moment.

everyone is , except those who aren't queer at the moment.

everyone is fluid, except those who aren't gender fluid at the moment.


You are what you are.

And who you'll be in the future won't be defined by the past but by whom you are at that moment then.

pro love - pro selfdetermination - pro freedom - pro selfcare!

Bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui ont besoin de moelle osseuse : les gays peuvent enfin faire un don. Alors que ce don est lourd et les besoins importants, on revient sur une interdiction alors que le don du sang oblige un à 1 an d’abstinence sexuelle... Incompréhensible !

Your Royal Gayness Release Date, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed -

It's described as a "gay fairy tale parody game"! 🏳️‍🌈

Social RPG Gaydorado Bringing Gay Romance to iOS and Android Soon -

Gaydorado is described as a "social RPG, dress-up and mobile story game hybrid"

hey friendos! if you're , a , , professional , , a or if you're just gay as shit and like to do neat things or even just yell toots into the void let's do us some follows! I really want to meet more lgbtq+ folks and get to know more people on here I can relate to and interact with 🖤please boost! COMMUNITY !!

@FabulousMatt :p thread for you !
cw gay + nsfw

Gevoelige inhoud Klik om te tonen
Gevoelige inhoud Klik om te tonen

Terrible conséquence de l’ au : À : un jeune de 17 ans traîné au tribunal par ses parents avoue en pleine audience avoir couché avec d’autres garçons et est emprisonné ! via @senenews

A quick : I am a / person who enjoys , , and . I struggle with and and will sometimes post about them, with a CW. I look forward to exploring what Mastodon has to offer!

‪Le magazine de , a 20 ans ! Ça méritait bien une belle fête au @DIABLEDESLOMBAR ! Bravo et @grego_ard pour ce moment. Et heureux de retrouver mon ami Fred Navarro de @actupparis qui témoigne aussi dans notre livre @PortraitsVies !

#intro time!

I'm a 36 year-old cis #gay man living in western Pennsylvania. I currently work as a #Unix and (unfortunately) backup #sysadmin. I love the #BSDs and am primarily a #NetBSD user.

I'm also into amateur radio, a.k.a #hamradio, and that's where my username comes from: it's my call sign.

My other interests include #videogames, #books, #hiking, #media (which I used to work in) and #cats, especially my own named Freyja.

I'm glad to be here. This is my first coop membership!