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Anyone got links and other sources to recommend for and other devices for and general ?

I got some links, but I don't know everything so would be great.

Большинство корней (70%) двусложное; приблизительно 20% - односложные слова и 10% trisyllables. Это - общее распределение, и подобный полинезийцу.


How many words do I need to know? The 95/5 rule in language learning, Part 1/2

How many words do I need to know? The 95/5 rule in language learning, Part 2/2

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All , incl should be available to the public! For free!

What and other corps are doing is *theft*. Cause turning access to scientific work into private property and use it as your business model, turns it into your *means of production* (in a modern sense). *Access* to knowledge becomes *private property* (and a corporate scale), and we all know that private property is theft.


It would be easier if one could quote a toot and add some extra information, but I'm quite happy to add your excellent article to my knowledge base

I'm adding toki pona hashtags to classify the interesting toots I come across

out of courtesy, I also provide the English or French or Dutch hashtags depending on the language(s) the toot was formulated in :-)

Mastodon is excellent as an enormous knowledge base !

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Nice article... very nuanced also...

Mastodon is here to stay IMHO

it's the first time ordinary people (including myself) can experience federation in full sight...

I never saw it happen on Diaspora, Movim, , etc.

On some instances I've got comments from other nodes, but I couldn't work out how to follow these people...

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Hoe zit dat nu trouwens met de gefedereerde tijdlijn ?

kan een admin beslissen welke instanties gevolgd worden ?

of is het gewoon dat lijst van alle mensen die gevolgd worden door iemand vanop die bepaalde instantie ?

beide mogelijkheden worden genoemd in beschrijvingen van de globale publieke tijdlijn...

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