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« ./javascript/styles/application.scss »
On leur dit ou pas à , que .scss, c’est du CSS et pas du Javascript ? :joy:

I saw today many people posting # of their interest, with the intention that new people can more better discover others.

I would like if discover people based on keywords used in their profile description (if they set in their settings to be searchable)
simliar as it's for example possible within or .

Would you like something like it?

(if you're afraid of possible abuse of that there should be a solution)

New issue on GitHub.

*Webapp: Add a 'collapse' button for toots/posts with more than 500 characters*

I forgot, I'm doing this year!

And I've been quite involved with as I was the project manager for over 3 months. (had to step down due to health issues)

What else?
(especially )

I have written a Bachelor's Paper in

Toujours sur mon blog : Booster automatiquement les toots intéressants de Mastodon avec le bot Boost

Woohoo! Glad you got it working.

Would you mind sharing how you did it, in case other people are looking for it in the future?


I updated the list of sponsors:

You can get your name on that page on Patreon:

C'est quand même sérieusement bogué, . Ce pouète est marqué mais n'est pas récupéré par l'API (et n'apparait donc pas en

🎉🍾🐘 2⃣ HOORAY!

2.0.0 is here! It took a long time, cause of database migrations. But all went very smooth.

🆕 Local emojis (coming soon to
🆕 autosuggestions
🆕 New emoji picker
🆕 Hotkeys in web UI
🆕 Ability to specify alternative text for media attachments

⚠🛡 Mastodon will no longer deliver private and direct statuses to -based recipients (that means pre-1.6.0 Mastodon, too).

Full changelog here:

Enjoy and invite your friends!

Avis à la populationne des développeurs z'et développeuses ingénieux z'et ingénieuses de #Mastodon !

@maiwann (et sûrement d'autres) seraient intéressés par une application lourde (forcément… un pachyderme) pour consulter Mastodon.
Y'a t-il déjà des projets à ce sujet dans les tuyaux ? Est-ce techniquement possible ?

Yay! 2.0 is finally here! 🐘🎆

Read all about the custom emojis, new changes and much more at:

Inktober x 31. Witches | 16. Beastmaster Witch

She wins everyone over with her cuteness.

(It had to happen sooner or later. This one didn’t work out well.. :-/ But I don’t want to hide it. At least the mastodon looks cute.)

#inktober #31witches #mastodon #art #drawing #fail

Okay, one smol final release candidate, v2.0.0rc4

If there's no more issues, I'll re-tag it as v2.0.0. Fingers crossed!


Pour mon premier je voudrais savoir si certain.e.s d'entre vous connaitraient des alternatives à c'est-à-dire qui permettent de stocker différents type de fichiers, voir qui se synchronise avec un ordinateur personnel ?