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Okay, good start of the day, went through some and related hashtags, found some feedback, requests etc.
Now I just need to move them to the right place :)

#Mastodon backup day: export your data followings? It should probably do more. If you could wish for a Mastodon backup tool, what would it do? I might write one for you. Or me. Or for the both of us.

Since the Mastodon web interface is mimicking the TweetDeck UI, is there any chance of being able to drag and drop column ordering any time soon? That is one of the most useful feature of TweetDeck that I use on a daily basis. I drag columns to the left that I want to monitor and scroll over for the ones that are less paid attention to at the time.

Yummy. Nice new version of the #MultiAccount #Mastalab #Mastodon Android client app by @tschneider today!

Pleasant new color scheme with much improved contrast (great!), and a removal of the toot character limit, yet still showing the counter.

Elegant and practical.
Easing and refreshing our everyday communications :-)

New in the #fediverse. What mobile app do you guys use to connect to #mastodon?

Does anyone know the name of the app (mobile?) which lets you look through feeds of other #Mastodon instances? Am pretty sure I've seen it mentioned somewhere.

It's high time to explore local communities 🏕

Oh, I didn't know the Mastodon Monitoring Project!


Playing a bit with the signup screen. Screw you, elephant-fren.

I sure do look forward to this change being overwritten with every update. Gosh, that's fun.

Good morning , what's everybody doing to ward off the Mondays?

Just notice images in favorited toots and my own toots from some time (4 months) ago aren't visible anymore. Does have something like a retention policy for files? Can't find this in the "about"... @Gargron

So in order to explain to some of local people what is Mastodon about (and how they can join and start using it), I just agreed to do a little presentation about it and instance at the beginning of september. I hope for a good discussion.


sorry for a fb link:

I'm extremely happy to see that most musical links on are to Bandcamp pages. There's some YouTube and SoundCloud, but no Spotify lists and alike... That's good!

so the local timeline is comprised of toots from users on _this_ server (and its rules,) while the federated timeline is toots from all followed users on other servers (and their respective server rules) or am i misunderstanding?

.@MissMacSee i think i follow--so are federated rules always the same as home rules? or could federate with a server with expanded/different rules?

My First post ( like tweet here it called Toot ) on

I ask this periodically, still awaiting an answer: is there a Windows desktop client for #Mastodon that handles multiple accounts smoothly? I've tried "Capella" and it crashes instantly in Windows 7. #mastodev

Comment cela se fait que les grosses instances françaises ne soient pas à jour?

en v1.4.3

C'est voulu ? ou c'est par manque de moyen ?