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The account @tuxmachines in got more followers in 3 months than it got in in 3 years

Twitter is crap. It's the old tech.

Is it normal that I click on a post, it opens in the rightmost column, but no replies show up. If I click on the date and open the post on its home site, there are replies (or more replies). So, is this a problem with my installation or with mastodon in general, or is this on purpose somehow? For example, Maybe this is the bug

#PSA When you post an image (or several), you don't have to leave the URL(s) in the ppost if you add other text.

How would the community like the following:

- building a plug in so that everyone with a account can lock into discourse
- content you write there is then streamed between the and

some positive effects are:
- your follower can easly join in your
- you can easly join in a discussion
- conversation are structured and well searchable through discourse and federated through and co
- it will spread popularity of fediv. and discourse

votre avis ? Créer une instance spécifique pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine serait-il une bonne idée ? Pour éviter ça par exemple : cela permettrait de communiquer sur le patrimoine en péril, en renovation, les nouveaux projets enfin bref communiquer.... vos avis sont les bienvenus