Mastodon NL#matodon

Help ... on

the Start column has disappeared

and I can't make it reappear is down ...

the error page reads:



We're sorry, but something went wrong.

It's probably nothing, a bug in mastodon code, an unplanned maintenance or an incident that will be soon resolved. You can check the status page for more informations.


the status page referred to is

which is an even more interesting read ...



WOW, according to the profile numbering on

you were some 10 000 users before me on Mastodon ...

How did you find out about it so early on ?


@plsburydoughboy @Tom

Now, I suddenly remember why I was so upset when Twitter killed its public timeline ...

the discoveries permetted by serendipity on their service dropped 100 % with that one decision



@kris @valere

Good question !

I hope @Gargron would have some time to review the activity on his mastership ...and determ the number of active users...

Quite a lot of people were enthusiast at first, but failed to see the advantages of decentralisation IMHO.

Mastodon Feature Wish List Item integration like on and


It has been a long time I've posted on

I'm more active on right now

and on for longer posts (up to 1024 characters !)

The experience on each of the different Mastodon instances I'm on is quite different, BTW...

I'm also findable on BTW ... I really liked the nerdy instance name ...

@valere @xakan @pourrito @Kykoonn

The Mastodon Map

now counts

1.548.880 mastonauts on 2496 instances

Mastodon Radar (°)


Mastodon Data (°°)

slows indeed a slow down of growth acceleration...

(°) the Radar is experiencing a certificate problem since a week
(°°) see for yourself !

Today, has closed registration once again...

I'm curious how many people are currently using this instance...

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Interesting suggestion ! you're quite right it goes sometimes a bit too fast...

@Hermaniak @RJanse59

Bedoel je nu dat die updates ook op Twitter aan het dalen zijn ? of begrijp ik dat verkeerd ?

Germany seems well underway to become the fourth country with over 20 000 mastonauts ...

Germany 19234 mastonauts, USA 85117 mastonauts, France 147874 mastonauts Japan 456797 mastonauts

These four nations have together about half of all mastonauts worldwide ...

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@joshgaudreau and are both down at the moment ...

No idea why ...


Headlines as of 2017-06-28





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Mastodon is big in Japan , the EU, the USA

and is now conquering Continental Asia and South_America.

it's present in Oceania and Africa and it has just entered the Arabian Peninsula via a server in Oman.

Welcome on Mastodon, mastonauts from Chile and Brazil !


Mastonaut Worldwide Federation:

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