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Dutch cops on trial for molesting suspect, leading to death. Prosecutor asks for no punishment.

So yes, the violence was excessive, but the police does not actually get punished. This happens over and over again...


#Refugees #Netherlands: Support Resistance Against Eviction – We Are here

*Bermuda? The Cayman Islands? The Netherlands!*

"A founding member of the European Union, quaint little Holland has for years been the most important tax haven for American corporations. This includes large multinationals such as the coffee chain Starbucks, the delivery company FedEx, the pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer and – as the Paradise Papers have revealed – the sporting apparel manufacturer Nike and the electric carmaker Tesla."

#: TV show with actors reenacting sexual assaults sparks controversy in the #

@cassolotl Wild coincidence I was just now listening to the News podcast (I'm in the part-time) and they mentioned the new coalition decided the government can no longer ask for gender unnecessarily, yay!

I found an article on it and, well, they still think it's necessary for passports, tho :thaenkin:

'Fine dust concentration increase in the #Netherlands. Confirmed by different sensor systems.'

And don't forget that is one of the most leftist cities in the . So this is an extra provocation of the .

*Soil map*

...of the provinces South Holland and () and surrounding area.


@gemlog they are not that aggressive if they trust you (this chap runs a multispecies bird/animal sanctuary and Buddhist temple/retreat in

Would you join a large-scale uprising against the goverment? Toon meer

Benji (my DJI Spark) and Bara (my friend's DJI Mavic) went flying in Waterland #Amsterdam

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*All buildings in the Netherlands, shaded by year of construction*

"All 9,866,539 in the , shaded according to year of construction. Data from BAG (January 2015), via CitySDK LD API. Map made with TileMill by Bert Spaan, Waag Society, inspired by BKLYNR. Map errors can be reported on the 's website. The source code and TileMill project can be found on GitHub. High-res prints are available."

Campfire on the closing night of the annual anarchist .

A friend of mine who has a 3-Girl band in Rotterdam is looking for a driver with a vehicle to drive them to gigs.

A small boot / trunk would be handy for the small amount of gear they have too.

They will pay you, and pay for petrol too.

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