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parliament recognises Genocide amid political tensions with Turkey

strongly condemns view of 1915 events
Describing the Dutch parliament's decision as "baseless", the ministry said the decision has no place in either history or justice. "Therefore, it has no legal binding or validity," it added.

Enough is Enough: **Video Report: Stop the War on Migrants Demonstration in , and Call for Noise Demo**

"Video report: Stop the war on migrants demonstration in Delft, Netherlands and call for noise demo"

Great news! The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Halbe Zijlstra (from the VVD, neo-liberal conservative pseudo-liberals), resigns!

Enough is Enough: **: Stop the War on Migrants Demonstration TU Bedrijfsdag**

"Netherlands February 20: Stop the War on Migrants Demonstration TU Delft Bedrijfsdag"

News report claims Dutch spies hacked Russian cyberwar operation and pwned their CCTVs, then recorded video of Russian government hackers attacking the DNC

Pedestrians get blown away in shocking footage as 140kph gusts batter #

According to the U.S. State Departments 2012 report on trafficking, “the Netherlands is primarily a source, destination, and transit country for men, woman and children for sex trafficking”

US ambassador to the # landed in hot water when refused to answer journalists’ questions…
‘This is #, you have to answer questions’: New US ambassador grilled by Dutch journalists

Enough is Enough: **The Hague : Comrade Arrested on Suspicion of Incitement in **

"Yesterday evening a comrade was arrested the Schilderswijk in The Hague. He was arrested for allegedly spreading a pamphlet about the Mitch Henriquez case. He is being accused of incitement and w…"

"2.Dh5 is back! After a year’s pause, the 12th edition will take place in the weekend of 9 to 11 in in , with a programme full of workshops, discussion and talks about strategies, campaigns and in-depth analysis. Focusing on the future, and searching for escape routes from this biting right-wing winter. But also a space to catch up with fellow world-changers and cook up some new plans together."

And more:

*People in the are going to extremes to keep racist Zwarte Piet blackface tradition*

"Every year, from late November to early December, the Dutch celebrate the arrival of Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of St. Nick) and Zwarte Piet, (Black Pete in English). For decades, Dutch people have dressed up as Zwarte Piet by painting their faces black, giving themselves big red lips and donning curly afro wigs. …"

Meanwhile in the (not so tolerant and progressive) :

*Black Pete: extreme right appears to stoke Dutch divisions*

"An annual debate in the Netherlands about the Christmas season practice of white people blackening their faces, colouring their lips red and donning wigs to play Zwarte Piet, a sidekick to Saint Nicholas, has this year descended into street brawls, vandalism and a conviction for inciting racial hatred."

*10 excuses most people make for *

"This is that time of the year that (Saint Nicholas) and his little black slaves give candy to children in the . As you’re aware, “” (translated: Black Pete) is how the helpers of Saint Nicholas are known. He is white and the people playing the role of the Zwartepieten come complete with , golliwog-style wig, pronounced red lips, a gold earring and speak with funny accents."

Dutch cops on trial for molesting suspect, leading to death. Prosecutor asks for no punishment.

So yes, the violence was excessive, but the police does not actually get punished. This happens over and over again...