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In which we give thanks for all of the amazing people that make up a wonderful community of nerds!

(I realize this is a uniquely US holiday, but it _is_ a good reason to pause and be thankful.)

a taste of this evenings .
i edited everything this darky to reflect the impression i wasn't able to catch with the camera.
(yea a second failed capture with noise today but this one was with automatic settings anyway, also the focus had problems). Like the other failed but interesting one, i uploaded it to unsplash.

this evening i edited and published one of many nightsky tests on instagram (yea still using it, will see how long).
this was even with iso100 and got noisy :/

2017 #Iceland

I am not sure about this one. Either way still experimenting with letting more of the context sneak in.

(also I am not entirely sure why my photography suddenly took a very late 90s early 2000s style to it.)

Android LGV10. edited in #Darktable, using #UbuntuStudio

CC by-SA


#photography #photo #photographie #creativeToots

Luckily @GIMP has this awesome administrator to herd everyone - schumaml!

Portrait from LGM 2014 that the team was kind enough to take some time out and sit for.

You know how sometimes you have a nightmare and wake up screaming, but you soon feel better because you realize it was all in your head and not real? Those are nice.

A remarkable macro photo of a fly (calliphorid) infested by Cordyceps* (fungus) by Faiz Bustamente.

* for those of you who have read (or seen) “The Girl with All the Gifts”, this is the same fungus from that story.

The photogs site is full of amazing stuff:


#photo #photography

Dot Eyes Open

I set up some strobes and an umbrella during LGM 2014 to shoot some portraits and have an impromptu session. I asked my wife to stand in while we tested out the lighting setup. I liked what I got, so here we are. :)

New PlayRaw on the forum! Sdr. Lyngvig

Come grab the file and show us how you'd process this view of Denmark and the North Sea (or check out how others approached it)!

An #introduction for wider #Mastodon

I'm a #scientific #researcher and a #writer

I edit the #kintsugimagazine @kintsugi which is a collaborative #culture #project with 3 published editions

My interests include #japanese culture, #sf #writing #editing #art #photography #cooking #eastern #philosophy #tao #wabisabi and #minimalism

I like #travelling and bridging the negative spaces that exist between #people.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one.


No drone needed to take this photo, no hiking trips involved.

Just a smartphone... well that and a really cool city with really cool public transportation system.

2017. #Manizales #Colombia

Edited using #Darktable, in #UbuntuStudio

#artwithopensource #linuxartists

CC by-SA

Print available for this work:

#art #mastoart #creativeToots #photography #photo

It's been a while since I posted a #photo, so... duck! 🦆

Or rather, two ducks, but the joke doesn't work that well otherwise. I found this pic in one of my folders a while ago, and just remembered it now.

#photography #birds #duck #nature

- rebranchement de l'ordi de bureau : ok
- utiliser un vieil écran CRT de 14" plus vieux que moi pour faire du traitement photo : euh... suis pas certaine là 🤔

(je crois?)

Hello photographers! Please hashtag your so that it shows up for those of us with columns set up to watch the hastag! I wanna see your pics!