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Some new shots from my old friend Mairi's wedding will be showing up in my stream for a bit.

This is my friend Sharyl. I've gotten into the habit for a while of holding an off-camera flash in my left hand with some sort of modifier on it, and getting up close and personal to shoot folks at events. This is pretty indicative of this style for me.

Developed in and into @GIMP for more pixel-pushing.

K-J at the sap house

Before my friend Mairi's wedding in upstate NY, K-J takes a break from picking, washing, and prepping veggies for the big night. (And looks super cool doing it).

Processed in and then into @GIMP for further work.

@Quanta Ce qui est bien c'est qu'elle pose 😁 du coup j'ai fait une petite séance.

Une autre pour la route toujours au 50-150mm f2.8

progress: scanned 66 frames so far, taking my time sifting through them, but have been making a few test prints as things strike me

this work is from my summer artist residency with the us national parks service, with support from excellent humans through my patreon.


I haven't updated my main website in a very long time. The photos are old, the gallery is older. I need to get that sorted out...

But it's such a tower of convoluted code I really don't want to get started.

Here's a photo of Laurynn. 😁

I'm not into kids, or maternity. I don't accept clients who ask me to shoot these kinds of things. Unless it's a long-time collaborator and friend who wants to do something different with her second (and last) pregnancy.

This is Vanesa, and she's an incredible person.

#maternity #pregnancy #photography #blackandwhite #pole #poledancing

Kat's an aerial silks (tissu) instructor, and she recently came in for her first photoshoot.

She's definitely going to be a regular. =D

#silks #tissu #aerials #circus #cirque #photography

I bought a boatload of new equipment recently, and this shoot with Naomi was my first chance to try it all out.

I think it's all working perfectly. =D

#pole #poledancing #fitness #photography #strongwomen


My friends dog who we had the pleasure of hanging out with during the wedding! Looking a bit scared here on the lawn...

Developed in and into @GIMP for further pixel-pushing.

I noticed I gained a bunch of followers in the last few weeks, so I thought I'd reiterate a post I made all the way back in April...

Welcome new followers! If you're not aware, I'm a member of the @GIMP team and a photo nerd.

I decided to smoosh those two things together to create a community based around photography+free software =

Please feel free to come join us so we can all be photo nerds together! :D

Today we tried to make pictures of the sunset at Lake Constance but it was very stormy and there were to many clouds in the west so the sunset wasn't that great like yesterday.

🎨 maybe you create art, photography, design, using software like , ,

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📝 ...or when writing stories your tools to go are or

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🎪 or simply creating art using traditional mediums, doing work in performance art, circus arts or theatre, using any of the above or others to create or document your work.

are you an artist or creative in the most generic sense of the word, and use / / software as part of your workflow?

consider tagging your works with
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C'est pas vraiment de la macro vu le prix¹ d'un bon objectif *vraiment* macro (pas juste dans le nom du caillou/dans la pub, A.K.A échelle 1:1) mais à défaut, voici 2 photos en proxiphotographie

PS : J'ai galéré pour la libellule mais j'ai pas réussi à l'avoir plus net

[1] Un investissement que je ferai pas, vu mon style photographique…

so #introductions again. :)

I am one of the #linuxartists here and do #artwithopensource

a lot of #photography these days along with #codeart digital illustrations and #painting as well. Most of my work can be found scattered around in #editbacklog and #humanalgorithms tags.

Ok enough tags. Here are a few examples of my work: