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Luckily @GIMP has this awesome administrator to herd everyone - schumaml!

Portrait from LGM 2014 that the team was kind enough to take some time out and sit for.

Dot Eyes Open

I set up some strobes and an umbrella during LGM 2014 to shoot some portraits and have an impromptu session. I asked my wife to stand in while we tested out the lighting setup. I liked what I got, so here we are. :)

darktable founder, Johannes

To test a DIY ringflash/beauty dish contraption I built out at LGM 2014, I wandered around and captured images of folks relaxing at the social. Poor Johannes was sitting nearby, so he became a target! :)

The second image is of me, using the diy-ringflash contraption, as I was taking the first image! All built for about €4 (more info in my old blogpost:


As @xuv also boosted my Darktable II image from LGM 2014, here he is at the social event as well (and being very gracious when some idiot with a giant beauty dish gets all up in your face).


Since @KnowPresent boosted my Darktable II post from LGM 2014, here he is at LGM 2014! :D

This was during a social event one evening (more coming soon, because @xuv also boosted my last post...)

Darktable II

Oldie but a goodie from LGM 2014. The *awesome* darktable crew that made it out to the meeting that year. This was my wife's idea to shoot them in the style of Mick Rock's iconic album cover for Queen II.

Boomed YN560 overhead in an umbrella.

Rolf Steinort (Meet the GIMP)

One of my favorite things about getting out to LGM2014 in Leipzig was getting a chance to meet hte one and only Rolf Steinort - creator of "Meet the GIMP" ( and @creativecommons advocate


@GIMP developer, artist, and awesome dude, Jehan Pages - also working on the film, Ze Marmot:

From Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany. @creativecommons CC-BY-SA

Artist Aryeom Han

Another shot from Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, artist, @GIMP er, and animator Aryeom Han (you can see their current project, Ze Marmot here:

David and the Beauty Dish

This is a shot of David Tschumperlé, creator of the G'MIC image processing framework (and ridiculously handy @GIMP plugin). Taken during the Libre Graphics Meeting 2014 in Leipzig, Germany.

Shot with a DIY ringflash I put together with a cheap plastic colander and some tape, handheld off to camera left.

Bev in the Sunshine

Quick shot of my daughter during a friends wedding in upstate NY last month.

I had a handheld strobe in my left hand with a (tiny!) softbox attached - means I had to get within knife-fighting distance to soften it up a little (shooting with a Canon 5Dmk3 for a change).


Some new shots from my old friend Mairi's wedding will be showing up in my stream for a bit.

This is my friend Sharyl. I've gotten into the habit for a while of holding an off-camera flash in my left hand with some sort of modifier on it, and getting up close and personal to shoot folks at events. This is pretty indicative of this style for me.

Developed in and into @GIMP for more pixel-pushing.

K-J at the sap house

Before my friend Mairi's wedding in upstate NY, K-J takes a break from picking, washing, and prepping veggies for the big night. (And looks super cool doing it).

Processed in and then into @GIMP for further work.

Dot Patient

From LGM2014. To travel light I didn't bring any big lighting gear with me, which means that I had to make what I wanted while I was there. This is the first shot after building a DIY ringflash from a bunch of kitchen parts from a cheap store (

Dot in the Leipzig Market

During my photowalk at LGM2014, we needed a model to demonstrate using a reflector for shadow fill outside. Of course, my favorite model was handy...

Developed in RawTherapee, and then into @GIMP

My Muse

Something a little more current! Outtake from a shoot this past weekend to get a good headshot for my wife. I liked the color on this one.

Processed in , then into @GIMP for further pixel-pushing and retouching.