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Some new shots from my old friend Mairi's wedding will be showing up in my stream for a bit.

This is my friend Sharyl. I've gotten into the habit for a while of holding an off-camera flash in my left hand with some sort of modifier on it, and getting up close and personal to shoot folks at events. This is pretty indicative of this style for me.

Developed in and into @GIMP for more pixel-pushing.

K-J at the sap house

Before my friend Mairi's wedding in upstate NY, K-J takes a break from picking, washing, and prepping veggies for the big night. (And looks super cool doing it).

Processed in and then into @GIMP for further work.

Dot Patient

From LGM2014. To travel light I didn't bring any big lighting gear with me, which means that I had to make what I wanted while I was there. This is the first shot after building a DIY ringflash from a bunch of kitchen parts from a cheap store (

Dot in the Leipzig Market

During my photowalk at LGM2014, we needed a model to demonstrate using a reflector for shadow fill outside. Of course, my favorite model was handy...

Developed in RawTherapee, and then into @GIMP

My Muse

Something a little more current! Outtake from a shoot this past weekend to get a good headshot for my wife. I liked the color on this one.

Processed in , then into @GIMP for further pixel-pushing and retouching.

Mairi Deux 3

A fiercer portrait of my friend Mairi, from an earlier shoot (same as the ringflash shot earlier). This one is worth looking at larger, I think.


A little monochrome Friday - my favorite image I've ever taken of my friends daughter. You don't realize how much toddlers are moving around until you try to photograph them. This was a few brief moments of zen...

Mairi Deux

Fiddling with a ring flash during a second round of shooting (four! years ago). I started using one more often just as an on-axis fill at super low power (just enough to throw a little light into the shadows).

Mairi 6

This is one of those shots that once I finished processing it and sat back to look at it overall, I was surprised with how much I liked it. Most importantly, Mairi loved it too. :)

This was a diy 20" softbox cam left, and bare flash cam right. A little warmer than the last shot for color grading.

Mairi 4

Earlier work with my old friend Mairi. I love her big eyes in this. :)

If you've ever used any of the free Film Emulations I made available a few years back, this was a common test image.

If you haven't - why not? There's over 300 film emulation presets available (for G'MIC and RawTherapee).

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Mairi 2. A study of Mairi.

One of my earlier images of my friend Mairi (more to come).

As a photographer, the good thing about having a daughter was that I rarely had to organise models to try concepts out.

Here she is again, this time in silhouette with some binoculars. Shot for a school project she was working on IIRC.

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