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Mary Front

If you can't find a window - what about a garage door? Or in this case, an abandoned building with a creepy cellar, but awesome light?

Exploring with Mary.

Pippin x4

Four views of the nutjob who is creating GEGL, the back-end used in @GIMP

Help fund his work on his Patreon page, btw!

That last toot of mine with Niki was actually part of a larger tutorial I had written a while back on "Skin Retouching with Wavelet Decompose" in @GIMP

I've attached before/after from the tutorial below

Here's a portrait I did for one of the winners of a twitter giveaway I did recently. I had a lot of fun playing with the glitchy effects, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

If you like my art and would like to support me, check out my patreon at where I post every monday, wednesday, and friday!

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Made a quick little #portrait of my buddy Rasim. He's an art student working part-time at his parents' cactus shop so that's why his hair and beard are made of cacti.

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Sarah (smile!)

Pushing in closer with the softlighter from the previous shots. Love how soft this thing is in general! Single strobe firing at full power (it's a big modifier to fill with a single speedlight).

(From old lighting tests of mine with this modifier, a Photek Softlighter.)

Sarah (Glance)

Same softlighter as the previous image, just pulled back for a wider view. The falloff and quality is soft and wonderful from these. This is only a single light...

(From old lighting tests of mine with this modifier, a Photek Softlighter.)

Meet Sarah

From some lighting tests a while back. I had just gotten a big softlighter (60") and wanted to get a feel for what it contributed when used reallllly up close.

Evening art reBORG!
Fanart for the mobile game Miracle Merchant (you have to try it, guys...actually every game this one company makes is boss, like CARD THIEF, that's just beautiful), my orange cat Pixel as a ninja stealin' food and cat-rate kickin', and a church guy with glasses.
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Voilà voilà, c'est demain à 11h le vernissage de l'expo "Reflets"!

J'ai créé une page spéciale pour les visiteurs! Envoyez moi vos photos de l'expo, vos photos de vous dans l'expo même, avec ou sans petit mot, et je publierai là:

Vous pouvez aussi laisser un petit mot, un grand mot, un gribouillis, un beau dessin, dans le livre d'or sur place.

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Pour changer un petit portrait d'une amie, prise à Cannes lors du Festival de Cannes en douce dans la rue 🙂

The magic of combining fake tattoo sleeves, a bald cap and a costume beard. Some character portraits come together quite easily. Others are frustratingly labour intensive. Thankfully this one was the former, even though the darn tattoo sleeves kept rolling off my shoulders. (First world problems indeed!) Open to name suggestions... Doc?
Ink? Snake? #artwithopensource #creativetoots #mastoart #portrait #photography