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Welp, I continued working on my thingy.
So far it... doesn't crash... so that's good.
It would be nice if it actually draw me some triangles but we are getting there.

Also, since idk how much can optimize things (afaik: not a lot) my graphics library uses a user defined macro for putting pixels on the canvas which. Um. It's kind of ugly.

I've also started watching Handmade Hero again annnd it's making me question my design decisions.

I tried a new method, it looks way better but ~as I expected~ it's slower to render than the previous one! :D

New version of Flamenco Manager & Worker has juis been released. Now Workers can auto-discover a Manager on your network!

Check to get the latest versions.

#b3d #flamenco #rendering #autodiscovery #ssdp