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While writing our page on Global English we discovered that the best vocabulary for students of English to aim at is around 15,000 words. With a vocabulary of that size, you should have a sustainable knowledge of English. That means when you find a word you don't know, you can usually work out from the context of the sentence. In a document of average difficulty, there will be less than 2 words in every 100 that you do not know.

A Two-Tier Model for a More Simplified and Sustainable English as an International Language
Bill Templer

Understanding English Through Pictures: The Graded Direct Method of I.A. Richards
Brian Small

Manuel d'intelligence artificielle
Louis Frécon, ‎Okba Kazar - 2009

700 'semantic molecules'

"The estimate of 700 'semantic molecules' is based on the statistics that are partially given in Appendix 2."

unfortunately, I can't have access to that Appendix nor to the main paper ...

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Entropy Is Universal Rule of Language
Lisa Grossman / 05.17.11

The amount of information carried in the arrangement of words is the same across all languages, even languages that aren't related to each other. This consistency could hint at a single common ancestral language, or universal features of how human brains process speech.

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Erwhann | le 01/09/16

Ahhh, je suis à moitié d’accord. On peut vraiment parler de beaucoup de choses en toki pona, en tout cas, on peut vraiment dépasser les banalités. Et pour le coup pas besoin de « semaines » d’apprentissage :)

Cerise subjective sur le gâteau, le toki pona a de très jolies sonorités.

Par contre il n'y a que peu voire aucune place pour le vocabulaire technique, ça c’est certain.