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Это интересно 482: Токи пона – язык для размышления

The LangMaker page states that Almalinian has some influences from Esperanto, Latin, Turkish, Elet Anta, Valavya, Toki Pona, and "especially Quenya and Sindarin", but that the language has incorporated these in a manner which makes those influences not readily apparent.

NB : not sure if frathwiki is a serious wiki or just a Wikipedia joke wiki ...

Kurt Reisender says:
December 13, 2016 at 6:17 pm ~new~
In toki pona, kala nimi means “fish name”. The name of God that Jesus used to feed the 5000.

However, kala can refer to any sea creature, so it could mean “Word of the Leviathan”.

15 Interesting Facts About the Croatian Language
February 14, 2017

9. Croatian is one of the sources for the minimal language “toki pona”, created in Toronto and based on natural languages according to tao principles.

kalama musi pi jan sewi meli - A few toki pona Goddess chants
astrodonunt | Oct 21, 2013

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